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ENI Strasbourg
5,rue Blaise Pascal
67084 Strasbourg cedex
Coordinator : Dr B. Poulain

The European Neuroscience Institute at Strasbourg (ENI-Strasbourg) is jointly established by the Department of Neuroscience/NeuroPôle, CNRS, INSERM and UDS-Université de Strasbourg
ENI-Strasbourg has been created in 2004.

A specific laboratory space ( 280 m2 + 150 m2 space shared with other teams) has been allocated to ENI-Strasbourg at the fourth floor of the Center for Neurochemistry.

This laboratory space has been be fully renovated in 2005 and is already operative. It is sufficient to host two young investigator groups. By 2008, we expect to extend the laboratory space of ENI-Strasbourg in order to host 4 teams.


Each of the ENI-groups has access to the numerous facilities of the Department of Neuroscience/NeuroPôle: animal house, cellular imaging, brain imaging (Man and animals), proteomics and highly specialized facilities (“Chronobiotron”, high security animal house (A3/P3 level) allowing the use of pathogens).

Members of the ENI-groups can benefit from the national and international Graduate Programs (ULP Master in Life Science, specialty “Neuroscience”, Joint Master in Neuroscience between ULP and University of Basel, Switzerland) and the PhD program in the “Health and Life Sciences” Doctoral School of the University of Strasbourg.

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ENI-Strasbourg is currently hosting 2 independent groups:
Team leaders:
Dr. Frank Pfrieger, located at the 2d floor of the Centre de Neurochimie, and
Dr. Michel Barrot, located at the 2d floor of the Institut Physico Chimique de Biologie: IPCB.


26 Juillet, 2016

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